How to Make an Effective Social Media Presentation Today

Any person who is preparing to make a Social Media Presentation must ensure that the content is engaging and relevant.  It should have the ability to capture the attention of the audience and get them involved in using the tools to their advantage.

"Making a Social Media presentation"

Making a Social Media presentation

More and more people are becoming aware of social media and its impact in the world today.

Irrespective of whether you are in the developed or developing part of the world we must agree that it is here with us.

However, an individual has to make a choice whether to embrace or reject it depending on their view and understanding of it.

Apart from the advantages it can generate, it also has disadvantages if not used in a responsible manner, and all these must be clear to your audience when making a presentation.

The content used must involve the user and examples should be brought down to the grassroots level.  The presenter must clarify that as an initiator of information, a person must be in control of the communication in whatever media they choose to use.

People do not like to be misguided especially in areas where they have limited information.  You must realize that it takes time for others to understand or learn something new but they eventually get enlightened on the topic over time as they get involved.

Therefore, the presenter must make sure that this information is correct and is to the best interest of the users.

Using social media does not necessarily mean that the content of information being relayed changes.  The message in brochures, press releases and any other form of communication should remain the same save for the media used.  This is because any one can notice content that does not feel real.

The presenter must use an effective social media strategy to sell more of its value as a communication device for organizations.

This naturally creates more users as they understand the significance of its use and many people will join without haste.

Social media’s main purpose is effective communication and it should remain so when used effectively and the rewards follow suit because people act depending on the information.

Famous Tools used at a Social Media Presentation

IPad apps

This gadget can be easily used to make a great social media presentation.  Apart from being portable, it is adaptable as well as influential and has many applications for business.

With an iPad a salesman can easily influence a potential customer even while waiting for an airplane through a presentation.

A person can do business anytime without the inconveniences of carrying a heavy laptop and projector and share the discussion with the home office for further processing.


This is yet another multipurpose social media tool that uses 140 characters or less posts.  It is also known as micro blogging where people write about almost anything and share it with their followers.

Third party plug-ins can also interrelate with Twitter through email.  People interrelate using this social media tool through their mobile phone mails, SMS, applications such as Google Talk and even AOL Instant courier.

It can also be incorporated into other media stages and tools such as Word Press, Face Book and several others.


This is one of the favorites with millions of users worldwide.  It is highly ranked among the rest for social networking as well as presentation.

It was a simple tool that was initially created to provide simple networking services to students in colleges and universities.

Now it has spread out to be used not only for social but business networking in schools, organizations, public forums worldwide.

This social media tool has some functions that can be used to coordinate status updates that link twitter and itself for users of both.  The profile user can include a selection of applications to improve and increase its utility.

Word press

This one enables users to develop their web blogs instantly and with ease without requiring them to have much knowledge in HTML coding.  In addition to this, the material uploaded can be made accessible to other users in an RSS supply.  This enables readers to get updates immediately a new article is published by the blogger.

Preparing for a Social Media Presentation

As a presenter, you must take your time to learn as much as possible and on a continuous and daily basis on the social media tools.  Be conversant in their use, those who make and use them.

It is important to motivate participants during the presentation to win them into making use of the social media tools for the advantages they offer.

During the presentation you should be willing to learn from others since you are likely to meet some users in the audience who have come across other functions that you may not know.

These are all technical tools which keep changing by the second.

Finally it is important to be very well prepared in the tool in which you have the greatest interest where you are highly knowledgeable and passionate about.

Encourage questions and answer with clarity.  Ask for advice from those who have used other tools and add these to your knowledge base and share thoughts with them.

Identifying the most appropriate Social Media Presentation Tools

There are thousands of presentation tools worldwide and a person should select the most appropriate.

Your objectives and goals for presentation should determine which social media tools you want to dwell on for that particular audience, their level of understanding and how they perceive the whole idea.

The elderly are more reluctant to get involved as opposed to the younger persons but this should not discourage you because people are different, and its vice versa in other cases.

A person can cover all at once or if they have time, dwell on each per session.  It is important to identify the tools that are used and liked by potential customers who make the audience.

Taking time to research what your competitors use for their products and services can give you an edge when selecting your tool for such a presentation.

Therefore, we can see that preparing an effective social media presentation can have a positive impact on your business, and social life.

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