The Top Six All Seasons Events in Africa

Africa is the second largest continent in the world and has a lot of exciting all Seasons Events in its 54 countries. One can never miss out on a major event in the continent at anytime of  the year.

"An African Male wearing An All Seasons Events outfit"

African Male in an All Seasons Events outfit

The diversity makes the continent have vibrant and colorful activities.   These range from traditional ceremonies, religious functions, musical concerts, cultural and many other events. Its also great for team building in kenya

The list is endless and new events are invented regularly.

The Top 6 All Seasons Events in West Africa

Several events occur in Ghana, Mali and Ivory Coast.  These events are such thrillers and all kinds of people are involved.  These can be chiefs, queen mothers, leaders of different tribes.

At such events people adorn themselves with beautiful ornaments and take part in long processions which are escorted by different types of musicians.

Drums are popular in Africa and are not an exception in these West African countries.  You can never miss out on drummers and colorfully dressed warriors as they make great musical sounds from their drums.  The following are some of the top six events in the western part of the continent:-

  1. Festival of Masks (Fetes des Masques): This is one of the most famous events in Cote d’Ivoire, and involves the natives who pay respect to the spirits in the forests that are personified in complex mask.  The event occurs towards the end of the year in November.
  2. Festival of the kings (Akwasidee festival) – This festival lasts for seven days and takes place every 42 days.  Divisional and sub-chiefs pay homage to the supreme king of the Asante Kingdom known as Otumfuo Osei Tutu 2.
  3. Panafest festivals: This is one of Ghana’s major events characterized by various artistes who display different dancing styles and songs.  It is an event which is dedicated to the growth and development of the African culture and in the process enhances Pan-Africanism.
  4. Aboakir festival: Is another exciting festival which is celebrated every fifth month of the year by the Simpa or Winneba community.  It marks the season when this group of people migrated from the Ancient Western Sudan led by two ambitious brothers and during these festivities, the youngest member of the royal family is sacrificed.
  5. Carnival of Bouake: Occurs in Ivory Coast and takes place towards late March and Early April lasting a full week each year.  This carnival attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.
  6. Durbar Festival in Nigeria:  In Nigeria, the Durbar event occurs sometime in October during the same period that Id ul Fitr and Id el Kabir are also celebrated.

Top 6 All Seasons Events In Eastern Africa

The weather favors this region and both indoor and outdoor activities can be played throughout the year.

Of the top events in the Eastern Africa region majority take place in Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia and Uganda.

Some of these functions include the following:-

  1. The wildebeest’s migration in Tanzania
  2. The International Camel Derby and Festival in Kenya
  3. The Nairobi International Book fair in Kenya
  4. The Schweppes east African Concours d’ Elegance in Kenya
  5. Festival of Dhow countries in Zanzibar
  6. Bayimba international festival of music and art in Uganda

The Southern and Northern Africa regions All Seasons Events

In the southern region, both foreign and local cultures reign and the locals are mainly the Bantus.

The northerners have such a diverse community that has very interesting cultural behaviors.  Some of the most interesting events that take place in both the northern and southern regions of the continent are as follows:

  • Sahara Marathon: This race takes place in February of every year at the Sahara desert in the Northern part of Africa.
  • Towards the end of June and beginning of July, we have the National Arts Festivals in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Durban International Film Festivals: occurs in South Africa in Durban where thousands of films are featured.
  • Telefonica Dakar Rally: It is a race that runs through Portugal, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Senegal, and Guinea in North Africa.
  • Egyptian Marathon Luxor: More than 36 nationalities participate at this marathon each year.
  • We also have the Addo Elephant 100 and 50 miles trail runs that also occur each year
  • In Lesotho, in South Africa, we have the Morija Arts and Cultural Festival which takes place in October each year.
  • Hermanus Whale Festival is another in South Africa that is celebrated each year.

There are thousands of interesting and colorful events in the continent of Africa and one cannot miss an event that will not only bring satisfaction, but enrich the participant with regard to African Cultures.

Therefore, we can say that we have a variety of  all seasons events that take place in all the 4 main regions of  the beautiful African continent.



























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