Public Relations Companies in Kenya Have An Active Society .

Why All Public Relations Companies in Kenya Should Join their Society?

"Public Relations Companies in Kenya Communicate"

Public Relations Companies in Kenya Communicate

The top Public Relations Companies in Kenya are also members of The Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK).  This is an old society that was founded almost 39 years ago to bring together Public Relations practitioners in the country.

The society ensures that members practice within its ethical framework and strive to promote public relations excellence in the country.

Most Public Relations Agencies in Kenya are communications, marketing experts and  also provide public relations services to established corporates in the country and some start ups.  Several take part in Community Social Responsibility activities all over the country.

Having a leadership role in a Top Society like the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK)  can be very important for the Public Relations Expert.  It not only boosts your career, but you get to meet  people from all other industries in the country and sometimes the world.

This is because you may have to represent the society at different conferences and events all over the world.   You may also be part of the team that amends some of the Policies that guide the ethical framework of the society.

It also empowers an individual in that you learn to handle different cases at any one time.  Such a person needs to be very composed because not everyone will appreciate your efforts and these are usually voluntary positions which can take so much of ones private time for the good of the society.

It requires passion for a worthy cause, determination, courage and supportive team members and friends.  The Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) is one of the most active societies in the country and if you want to join a career in public relations that is one place to visit for more information as well as interact with the practitioners.  They will be able to guide you on the institutions that offer the course in the country e.g Makini College.

Some Public Relations Companies organize events.  There is no event management body in Kenya yet,  not even associations, but there are preparations to establish an association for the country’s events managers.  This was discussed at the 1st ever held Kenya Events Festivals and Conferencing Forum for events planners at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) in 2010.

Majority of Event Management Companies, and Independent Planners have very diverse backgrounds.  You will find  find that most event management consultants organize events as a hobby or part time job and thus do not dedicate much time to participate in activities that may end up in the formation of a body in the country.  But it is about time an association for event managers was formed in the country because this industry is growing very fast.

Public Relations Companies In Kenya Should Partner With Event Management Companies

The emergence of the events industry in the country has brought very good competition in the field of events management for corporates because they are now spoilt for choice when it comes to events organization.

Established Public Relations Companies in Kenya that offer event management services charge premium fees based on their experience and expertise.  But you can also get very skilled one man event management consultants in Kenya who can offer similar services if not better but at better prices.

These are usually people who have worked in the corporate world for some time or even just come back from different parts of the world. They come back to set up a  public relations company in the country. Kenya has some of the best events organizers who are yet to be recognized.

Those who have practised outside the company usually have more skills in terms of professionalism, but have to adjust to the culture in Kenya.  This is because Kenyans are now embracing the whole idea of outsourcing this service.

To entrust a person to organize a personalized event requires trust and a Kenyan would most probably trust a fellow Kenyan who has been operating in the country as a planner,than one who has just come back after many years outside the country and needs to first adjust.

However, this should not discourage planners coming back from the diaspora because am sure they too have great ideas having worked in multicultural settings.

Just to start with the event organizers who work in Kenyan Public Relations companies.  First they have excellent communication skills both verbal and written.

I have come to appreciate that a public relations expert is a very versatile person just like an events organizer. Sometimes I wonder how they are able to do the following:-

  • Organize a product launch event
  • Write down press releases
  • Organize the media for interviews
  • Work eight more hours after six o’clock in the evening on a Tuesday
  • Arrive home well past midnight
  • Liaise with the caterer on the food for the cocktail or dinner and
  • Be in the office the next day by 8.00am.

With such a job you always have to be in good health! I salute you Kenya Public Relations Experts! and Events Organisers!

The top public relations companies in Kenya which are also members of the Public Relations Society of Kenya are listed below:-

1.    7th Sense Communications

2.    Advanced Pr & Marketing

3.    Africa Practice East Africa

4.    Alwan Communications Limited

5.    Apex Communications Limited

6.    Bertolli & Associates

7.    Blue Print Marketing Ogilvy East Africa

8.    Bob Dewar Publicity

9.    Brett Communications Limited

10. Church Orr & Associates Limited

11. Corporate Reflection Limited

12. Exclamation Marketing Limited

13. Expo Momentum

14. Fiyuhworks

15. Forward Vision Communication

16. Gina Din Corporate Communications Limited

17. Health Media International

18. Hill & Knowlton

19. Imagine Works Limited

20. Health Media International

21. Impact By Design

22. JO Public Relations

23. Lelmal Enterprise for Community Development

24. Macany Consultants

25. Marketing Strategies & Solutions

26. Media Edge Interactive

27. Muthoni Muthiga & Associates

28. Nam Consultancy Limited

29. New Age PR

30. Nonis Publicity

31. Ogilvy Public Relations

32. Picasso Productions

33. PR Masters Limited

34. Professional Marketing Services

35. Redline PR

36. Rockstar Media

37. Shanyama Consultancy Limited

38. Silver Bullet PR

39. Silver Lining PR

40. Sobeit International Limited

41. Square Gold PR & Marketing

42. Togo Consultant

43. Visergy Communications

44. Vivi Communications Limited

45. Yolanda Tavares Public Relations

46. ZK Public Relations

More Public Relations Companies in Kenya have been registered and started operations in the country and therefore the above list is not exhaustive.

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