The History of Event Planning

I have always wondered why people do not talk much about the history of event planning.  It would be interesting to know how the event industry evolved since the world began to date.

This is one industry that has been there from time immemorial.  However, it is only in the recent past,  that it started gaining recognition and became commercialized to an extent that it is now one of the most profitable industries in the world.

Why people do not talk about the History of Event Planning

We have always had events since the world began and anyone would imagine that there is alot of information on the history of this industry,  unfortunately, this is not the case.

"History of Event Planning"

History of Event Planning

Most books on events talk about how to plan events and very few if any, discuss how the industry evolved.  There is no single country, organization or family that does not have at least one event in a year.

Examples of these are national holidays, corporate year end parties and birthdays respectively.  These are just a few of the events that occur in each of the three mentioned examples.

Long time ago events were not so systematically organized with feedback forms like they are today and planners were never paid to organize them.

This is because organizing functions for a long time was a communal affair e.g. weddings: here friends and relatives of the bride and groom could come together and volunteer to arrange each and every aspect of the event at no cost.

In some countries you still find that majority of the population still organize non formal events such as weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties and many others by themselves.

Anyone with a History of Event Planning can make it a Career

Any person who has been organizing functions in a public office, private company, within the family or in any forum is qualified to be an event planner as long as they have a passion for it.

For many years, people did this job without pay simply because it was not recognized as anything that a person could make a career and even a living from.

That is why to date we still have very few institutions offering event management courses especially in Africa.

Yet, this is one of the continents that had so many events such as circumcision, traditional weddings, wrestling, cock fighting, bull fighting, dancing competitions, sports, and many other cultural events.

Organizing a bull fight requires the planner to identify a date when the event will occur, inform people who will come to cheer the winning side, identify a venue, get the names of the bulls from the owners, ensure they are on time on the event date so that they are able to go back to their daily activities on time, and many other tasks.

All these are preparation activities that must be undertaken prior to the official fighting date which is similar to planning any International conference.

The  only difference is that one is an animal fight with participants  from the local community, whereas the other is a meeting with participants from all over the world.  But the purpose is the same a function where people converge for something.

As more people appreciated what goes on before an excellent event happens, they started paying for them and that is how event planning for different types of events slowly became a career for many. It is an emerging and growing industry.

This is a time consuming profession that requires and nowadays people are willing to pay for it.  Also, as people became busier they realize that they can delegate this function to be more effective in other areas and accomplish more.

The History of Event Planning Titles

With an increase in the world’s population, the functions also grew in sizes over time.  Weddings were just for the local guests but with globalization, people interact with others all over the world and in the process make lasting friendships.

As a result a wedding which initially could have had only 200 friends and relatives drawn from the local community may turn out to be an international wedding.

This can have over 500 or more people depending on how wide the couple has travelled and made more friends worldwide.

Those who have organized several weddings and have a passion for it tend to call themselves wedding planners or organizers.

This is because they have hands on expertise in their organization and can even advise others.  By undertaking a professional course on the same they become even more recognized.

A person may be good at planning sports events and may end up being called a Sports Event Planner.  This can be narrowed down to specific sports such as Golf Events Planner.

The titles become more sophisticated to date as people gain more training and specialize in different types of events.

It is not rare to find experts who are called by the titles Funeral Director, Corporate Event Consultants, Concert planners amongst others.

This is all because of the improvements made in this industry since people recognized it as a career and started paying for the service.

Even though the history of event planning is not so documented, it is one industry which has been with us since time immemorial.


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